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Russell Andersen

Phone:   (512) 331-5979




  1. Russell:

    Sorry I have not got back to you sooner. This is Jack Adams in Phoneix. The 2 chain rings you sold me are are running great. I have bent some teeth ont the big ring but that is me trying to go over %&@# I should not be riding. Thanks for a great product

  2. Just went for my first ride on my 30 tooth chainring today. Its awesome. My gearing just feels right, didn’t expect it to make such a big difference. On a 29er running a 20, 30 front with an 11-34 rear.
    Shifting is on par with my xt rings, but your ring has less flex than the xt 32 ring.
    The mod to my xt cranks was pretty easy, thanks to the good instructions and visuals.

    • Thanks

      Glad you like it.

  3. Hi,

    I remember you were working on a 38 tooth rear cog to run with an 11-34 cassette, are these available? If so, how much are they?

  4. I am running uour 30/40 chain rings with a 20t Ti small ring and now added a Shimano 12-36 cassete and my 29er now climbs like a 26. I don’t think my SRAM x-9 will take more than a 36t cassette.

    I have noticed no change in shifting performance with sram x-9 shifters and SLX Shimano derailer.

  5. Russell:

    Does the 30t chainring work OK with a 10 speed chain?



    • All my rings are 10 speed compatible

  6. Hello
    Dishes can be mounted in a 40 -30 -22 M970 XTR cranks?
    My idea is to replace the current 44 by 40 and 32 by 30 retaining the original 22

  7. Hi, i’m interested in purchasing a 30 tooth chain ring. Do you ship world wide? I live in the UK and i have a paypal account so funds transfer is no problem.

    • Yes I do. shipping cost will be approximately $18.00


    • Hi , looking to purchase a 30 tooth chain ring with shift mounts to mount alongside a 20 tooth chain ring , Bash ring will also be mounted. BCD is 104. Shot me an email of cost and shipping to uk.

  8. How can I order a 30 tooth with out ramps? Do they fit RF atlas freerides?

    • They will fit any 104 bcd crank with aluminum spider arms.

      Shot me an email to to order. I will send you an email Pay Pal invoice.

  9. I have Russell’s 30 tooth single (not ramped) and it replaced a 32 tooth, which replaced a 34 tooth, on my 29er. The rear has an 11-34 and is a nine speed.
    The 30 tooth feels better in that it is more responsive to me – seems to accelerate faster and feels more like my old 26er did in the acceleration/responsiveness department. NOTE: I am also running a 170mm crankset which helps to get better acceleration and helps my aging knees.
    The ring is top-quality. I had a chance to meet Russell (I don’t live to far away) and he spent time with me answering questions and educating me on chainring mechanics. Russell is an avid biker, so he can relate to his customer’s.
    One interesting note about this ring, riders tell him their entire drivetrain lasted significantly longer by using his chainring. That’s money saved, that’s value.

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